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Our Story

As parents to two young children on a family vacation, we encountered the age old problem of not being able to find a high chair at a local restaurant. This resulted in our youngest having to be seated in his pushchair. However, as most parents would appreciate, this left our son feeling restless and disengaged.

This had us thinking about the possibility of having a neat product that would take up little in the way of room, yet when required, could become a seat that could easily be attached to a chair.

Taking the thought further, we started to consider what else it could do and subsequently added compartments for storage of the child’s food, wipes etc, insulating it to keep the content fresh. Once seated, easy access side pockets to get at the child’s food without disturbing them. An outer zip pocket for the parent(s) to place their keys and belongings. In turn, making Moochew an ideal one point portable solution you can use when out, or visiting family.

Moochew in action
The right choice for your little one

Interior Features

Expandable/collapsible baby seat

Adjustable straps to fit around most chairs

Shoulder strap or quick grip handle for ease of carrying

Quick access side pockets

Key zip pocket to store your valuables

Exterior Features

Two internal storage compartments

Thermal insulation to keep contents fresh

Removable internal compartment for easy cleaning

Wipe clean surfaces

Cushioned Seat for added comfort